If there’s one thing that can make a dog owner proud and pleased for having well-mannered Staffy, that is Staffordshire Bull Terrier training. While in training, a pet is trained how to obey various commands, where to go during toilet breaks and the right way to respond to different circumstances. But successful dog training can’t be achieved overnight, not even for a week. Frequently, training will take time and a great deal of effort and perseverance.

To get desired outcome, you as the owner ought to ensure that you do what is appropriate and steer clear of those that can affect the training in a negative way. Listed below are some do’s every pet owner ought to remember:

Do train early.

One can’t discuss dog training without touching this matter. This is among the first few tips a pet owner, specifically inexperienced ones need to know. Even though they have short attention span, a puppy is easier to train since it hasn’t developed negative habits yet. Instead of training it to end excessive barking, chewing or other unwanted behaviors, you’ll just have to concentrate on teaching it to avoid such things. In addition, puppies are naturally curious and up for fun so anything, be it command or scenario, that is introduced to them is bound to be given attention and completed with great eagerness.

Do utilize helpful and suitable Staffordshire Bull Terrier training methods.

Staffies are very intelligent dogs but that doesn’t imply that all training tactics would suit them best. Approaches must be chosen to suit the breed’s disposition and physical capacity. Naturally you can’t expect an old or ill staffy to do what those young and active puppies are able to do. By ensuring that the training method used is suitable to your pet’s disposition, you’re less likely to get good outcome from training.

Do recognize good behavior.

Mistakes and other unwanted behaviors should be given appropriate attention, so is good behavior. If you recognize and reward your dog for being obedient, it’s more likely to repeat the behavior in the hopes of getting more rewards. Through this, your pet will eventually master the command until treat rewards can be substituted with praise and other affection rewards.

Do be consistent and firm.

Staffies are a fearless bunch hence you need to be firm and consistent. You need to make it clear to your pet that you’re the leader of the pack that should be obeyed and respected. This helps in preventing aggression and other behavior issues from taking place. On the other hand, being consistent is essential to avoid confusion on your dog’s part.

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