Achieving successful Shar-Pei training is a great thing both for you and your pet’s happiness. A well-trained Shar-Pei means that you are both aware what to expect from each other. When trained, you’ll not need to be worried about behavior issues when taken out into public or left home alone. Although it may not be easy, the time you devote to training your Shar-Pei etiquette, tricks, and the correct technique to do things will be well spent.

Look closely at how much time you spend training in one session. Shar-Peis, specifically puppies have short attention span so be certain not to go on too long. Just spend 10 minutes during the first few sessions and make every session interesting to make sure that your Shar-Pei will look forward to it.

Giving your Shar-Pei mental stimulation is a vital part of keeping your Shar-Pei happy and healthy. If your Shar-Pei does not get adequate stimulation, he will get bored and find other ways to occupy his time, like chewing up clothes, home furniture as well as drywall! Check out your local pet shop for new and entertaining toys for your Shar-Pei frequently.

While it is possible to train many types of Shar-Peis together, based on their personality, it might be challenging if you have two Shar-Peis. When your Shar-Peis are having issues concentrating on their training when together, train them each individually. After they have went through a bit of individual training, they can be taught together. Ensure that your pets are safe during Shar-Pei training. They should never be tied up close to one another. The leashes or chains can become intertwined, causing harm to one or more of the Shar-Peis. If one Shar-Pei is larger than the other, it could inadvertently tangle the cord around the smaller Shar-Pei’s neck, causing it to become unable to breath, and eventually die.

Everyone in the family ought to use the exact same commands when training your Shar-Pei. It is very confusing to a pet to hear different things out of different people for the very same command. If everyone is consistent when commanding the Shar-Pei, you’ll find Shar-Pei training less difficult and successful.

Shar-Pei training is mainly about being consistent with your pooch and setting the rules of your relationship. Once those are set, you will find you both enjoy your time together even more! Constantly reinforce everything you have taught your Shar-Pei. Do not let him stray from proper behavior over time, and stay firm if he does. Once your Shar-Pei is trained appropriately, your Shar-Pei can do a lot more.

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