Many shar-pei owners love to just cuddle and play with their beloved companion. However, as your shar-pei puppies grow, you should start to train them certain commands in which they will learn and adhere to when they grow up. You will end up having intelligent and trained shar-pei that you will be proud of. Nevertheless, there are plenty of shar-pei commands that you should know before attempting to train your shar-pei puppies. Here are some of the important shar-pei training commands that you should know to train your shar-pei puppies.

Come: One of the most important shar-pei commands that you should teach your shar-pei puppies is the “come” command. You should teach your shar-pei to come with his or her name. You will actively use this command from time to time to call your beloved companion to return to your arms.

Sit: Your shar-pei puppies could get excited at times, and to control them, command them to “sit”. This is a very important command to manage and control your puppies especially against jumping on people, chasing off animals and critters, or even fighting with other dogs.

Stay: The command “stay” is usually used alongside other commands such as “down” or “sit”. It is a difficult command to train, especially to the curious and excited little shar-pei. This command is useful especially when crossing roads, or going in a shop where pets are not allowed.

Wait: The “wait” command should not be confused with the “stay command”. It is to train your shar-pei to wait for your next command, and it is helpful in situations such as when your shar-pei is too eager.

Down: The “down” command is different from the “sit” command, as it means that you want your shar-pei to lie down on its stomach. This is a great command for you to get your shar-pei puppies to be more comfortable, or when they have to wait for you for longer periods.

Stand: This command should be thought to your shar-pei, as it is to make sure they stand and stop moving to stay still. This is especially helpful when you take them to veterinarian for examination or treatment.

No: You will also actively use the “no” command from time to time with your shar-pei puppies as they grow up. This command is used to discourage your shar-pei to stop doing something undesirable such as misbehaving.

There are plenty more commands you should learn, such as “okay”, “leave it”, “drop it”, “off”, “heel” and so much more. Shar-pei training should be simple, short and fun for both you and your shar-pei. Just be sure to teach them effectively with correct techniques.


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